Residential & Commercial Pest Control services provided in Des Moines & Surrounding West-Central, Central & East-Central Iowa

Cyclone Pest Management is equipped to offer you a complete range of pest-control services in the Des Moines Metro area and east.Spider Pests
We have the technical expertise, as well as the experience, to ensure your home or business is pest-free in no time at all!

Keep your business reputation intact with a pest-free facility. We offer safe and environmentally friendly pest control services so your business can stay open and running smoothly.

Protect your investment with one time, monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, or semi-annual pest management solutions to meet your specific needs. If during a monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly service, then any service needed to eradicate targeted pests in between scheduled service is provided at no additional cost to you!*

Your home or business is unique, so our solutions are customized for your needs. Cyclone Pest Management will work with you to determine the right pest control for your building.

*excludes bed bugs and termites