About Your Pest Control Service in
West-Central, Central & East-Central Iowa

At Cyclone Pest Management in the Des Moines Metro area, we have made it our mission since 1997 to provide you with reliable, quality pest-control and extermination services. Our methods of removing unwanted visitors from your home are safe, effective, and fast, as we have access to the most proven methods of pest control on the market.

Cyclone Pest Management has a passion for keeping your home and businesses safe and clean from pests. With experience stretching back to 1997, this family owned and operated business takes pride and has a personal interest in every job we perform.

We are members of the National Pest Management Association and the Iowa Pest Management Association, holding ourselves to a higher standard than the competition so you get only the best service.

We are fully licensed, insured, and stand by all that we offer. Want to rid your home or business of bugs, rodents and pests fast?

Please feel free to contact any of our owner-operators directly to set up an appointment or for a free phone estimate.